Interaction is the Essence of a Good Tour

Hello everybody!

Just a few lines to give you all an update – the tours are going very well and the reviews are fantastic!  I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to write about your tour experience.

The tours you have requested have been wide and varied. From London’s haunted pubs to famous musical landmarks; from historical Roman tours to a tour of the famous Royal Palaces.  When I first started my tours I stated that I would only pick up from London addresses, but as your needs have demanded, I have adapted my tours to suit you.  As anyone who has been on one of my tours would tell you, I endeavour to give people their perfectly-tailored, personalised tour - whether it is a two hour, four hour or all day tour.

I cater for everyone – from the very young, to elderly visitors to London. My taxi has a booster seat conforming to British Safety Standards allowing the younger tourist a perfect view of London’s sites. My taxi is also completely wheelchair accessible and I have experience of providing tours for people with specific accessibility requirements.

My T.V.P. (top visual priority) must be spot on – my combination of history, humour and stories just so.  When you come on one of my tours, you don’t just sit and listen to a recorded commentary, you listen to me!  Steve.  One cabbie.  One cab.  Interaction is the essence of my tour – mostly I tell you things, but sometimes it’s the other way round and you tell me things!  When people tell me facts and stories it increases my knowledge too. I give you questions and quizzes – do we just sit and look at London?  No! We are in and out of the cab.  We are not just in London, we are part of London – living the London experience!  Let me take photos of you with the famous and not so famous sites of London or take photos yourselves.  Freedom is the name of the game – go where you want and when you want.  Don’t just sit on the buses – get out there, see it all if you think you can.  Let’s do it together, we can give it a try.

This great capital city London, founded by the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago deserves more than a London tour bus – give me a try.  Contact me with your requirements and I will tailor a tour just for you!