Jack the Ripper

Hello again and Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for your great support especially the last ten months since I have been on Trip Advisor.  If you haven’t already noticed I have hit the ‘bullseye’ and reached 50 reviews – this puts me up to the giddy heights of 23 out of 525 activities in London.

I’d like to let you know what I’ve been up to lately apart from my tours.  Well I’m not able to give up my day job yet (as the saying goes).  I entertained myself recently with an evening tour around Whitechapel – the home of the infamous Jack the Ripper.

The evening being cold and dark gave an eerie atmosphere to the Ripper tour – well as much as it could walking around with 35 other people!  The guide was excellent and I enjoyed the tour very much.  We were transported back to the time of 1888 between the months of August and November, the events of which are still talked about even to this day. 

There were six murders of ‘ladies of the night’ who surely were guilty of only one thing and that was being poor.  Their ghastly ends are not for the feint-hearted.  Five of the victims having their throats cut from ‘ear to ear’.  The last victim could have had her throat cut too, but Mary Jane Kelly, the Ripper’s last victim’s body had been so badly mutilated it was hard to tell.  During the tour we heard about body parts being stolen and even of letters received wrapped around body parts, truly horrific tales. 

As I walked along the narrow street after the tour on my way back to my ‘cow’ cab, I jumped at every noise and footstep behind me!

Until next time.